About Us

Our Team

The nurses at SOLE PULSE FOOT CARE are certified in Advanced Foot Care, which means we have extensive training in this specialized area of care.
  • ​Denise Brown, RPN (Owner)
  • (Member of the Registered Practical Nurses Association of Ontario, Nurses Entrepreneurial Foot Care Association, and Independent Business Specialty Interest Group of RPNAO

  • Karen Coley, RPN
  • Michelle White, RPN

10 Reasons to Hire Denise Brown

  1. Completed Practical Nursing diploma (3 year college level) and successfully completed her nursing placements (hospital and nursing home)
  2. Completed Advanced Nursing Foot Care (4 additional months immediately following her practical nursing training)
  3. Member of College of Nurses of Ontario in good standing (allowing Denise to practice in Ontario and call herself a "nurse")
  4. Has been servicing foot care clients since 2012 (many repeat clients and word-of-mouth referrals - please keep them coming!)
  5. Keeps current with the lastest nursing foot care practices and procedures (attends conferences and foot care workshops; member of Nurses Entrepreneurial Foot Care Association of Canada and Independent Business Specialty Interest Group of RPNAO)
  6. Takes equipment sterilization and infection control very seriously. All instruments are cleaned, sterilized using a 'hospital-grade' Autoclave, and stored in individual pouches after EACH use to protect clients from cross contamination. Nurses also always wear disposable gloves, and the foot tub is lined with a single-use, disposable liner.
  7. Uses high quality products when performing foot care treatments
  8. Offers a wide range of nursing foot care treatment options and traditional nursing care (see In-Spa and In-Home options)
  9. Keeps flexible hours in order to meet the varying needs of her foot care clients
  10. Puts her heart and 'sole' into running a high quality, professional, client-focused business practising with the utmost of honesty and integrity

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Our Service Area

  • SOLE PULSE Foot Care Nurse is based in Ontario Canada.
  • We offer a mobile service serving communities in Greater Toronto, Dufferin County, and surrounding area.
  • We also provide in-spa foot care treatments in Southampton, Ontario (inside Trend Hair Salon).
  • To establish a group clinic in your living facility, or to inquire about our service area, please contact us.

Our Commitment

  • SAFETY: For your protection, all instruments are cleaned and sterilized in compliance with Sterilization and Infection Control Best Practice Guidelines.
  • INSURANCE: SOLE PULSE nurses have Professional Liability Insurance through RPNAO. Denise Brown also keeps an additional Commercial General Liability Insurance Policy
  • CONVENIENCE: For your convenience, evening and Saturday appointments are available
  • RECEIPTS: Receipts for our nursing services are issued for personal income tax purposes and private medical insurance plans. (Please call your Insurance Provider to confirm coverage of our services)

Our Nursing Services

Foot Care
  • As our name would suggest, SOLE PULSE FOOT CARE NURSE specializes in the area of your body that experiences the most neglect – your FEET (the 'sole' of your body)!
  • We make YOUR feet OUR priority as we understand how important they are to your overall health.
  • We offer a variety of In-Spa Foot Care Treatments. Check out our list of treatments.
In-Home Nursing Care
  • We also provide a wide range of nursing care that is tailored to your needs. We offer annual neuropathy screening testing, wound care, compression fitting, medication administration, light therapy, and more....


(Pregnant Mom, In-Home)

Thanks! I don't feel like my feet should touch the ground!

(Elderly Gentleman, In-Home)

I feel like you have trimmed my feet two shoe sizes down!

 (Elderly Woman, Care Home)

If you could bottle your foot rub, you would be a millionaire!

 (Gentleman, In-Spa)

Very good job on my feet. Really happy I chose to visit a foot nurse