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Doctor in gloves making procedure for foot with special equipment.

Taking Instrument Sterilization Seriously

We take sterilization and infection control seriously! Preventing infection and cross contamination is of ultimate importance to SOLE PULSE Inc.
What precautions does SOLE PULSE Inc. take? All instruments are cleaned, sterilized using a ‘hospital-grade’ Autoclave and stored in individual pouches after EACH use to protect clients from cross contamination (shown in the photograph). Our nurses also use disposable gloves when handling feet, and our foot tubs are always lined with single-use, disposable liners.


Feet Come in All Shapes and Sizes – We Welcome All

Don’t be embarrassed with your feet or the condition of your nails. We don’t judge. SOLE PULSE Inc. nurses are here to help. Our Foot Care Nurses have received specialized training in the assessment of feet and the treatment of foot and nail disorders. We have a great deal of clinical experience with all kinds of feet.
There is hope even if you think your feet are “too far gone”. *


Any injury or cut on your feet needs to be attended to immediately.

As your feet are directly in contact with dust, there are higher chances of contamination. Therefore, you must be extra careful with the cuts and bruises on your feet. Make sure you maintain a high level of hygiene to stay away from fungal infection. A little extra attention that you pay towards your feet can save you from chronic disorders helping you take immediate action. Always buy shoes that comfort your feet and don’t just run after a snazzy looking pair. *


Your Feet Can Show Signs of Illness

Your feet can show signs of illness well in advance. Medical conditions such as diabetes, arthritis and a lot of other disorders that are associated with circulatory system and nerves show their initial effects on your feet. You can tell if the person is unwell only by touching his feet. When unwell, your feet turn cold due to poor circulation. The colour of your toe nail can also tell you about your upset stomach, weak liver and lot other stomach related issues. So, the next time you get cold feet (literally), visit a doctor and get yourself examined.We provide a wide range of personalized nursing care to help you or a loved one to live in comfort. Our care will help you reduce pain, prevent diseases and better manage your chronic conditions and/or illness for an overall better quality of life. *


Common Conditions that Result in Foot Pain and Unhealthy Feet

Never underestimate any pain, as what may seem like a minor foot problem could be a major medical condition. *

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Foot Care Did You Knows…?

An ice massage can help relieve a painful bunion.
The Thyroid gland is associated with nerves, and if not working properly can affect the sensation in your feet.
Degenerative changes in your lower back can irritate the spinal cord, which could also affect the health of your feet. *

* Disclaimer

The information provided on this website is purely information in nature.
Sole Pulse Inc. Foot Care Nurse is not intending to endorse any products or advising to cure any disease or medical conditions. Contact your MD for any Health concerns.
Cultural and Gender diverse people are welcome at Sole Pulse Inc.