Providing Quality, Professional Nursing Care
with Compassion and Dignity

Why Choose SOLE PULSE?

Did you know…… that poor physical health can impact your mood, thought and behaviour, which can ultimately lead to depression, isolation, immobility and drug dependency?

Thanks to medical advancements, people today are living longer than ever before, but sadly not everyone is able to enjoy their quality of life due to some sort of pain caused by a chronic condition, injury or illness.

  • SOLE PULSE is committed to providing every client with the highest level of quality health care possible by incorporating the latest treatment protocols and modalities, and combining them with the greatest degree of compassion and dignity for optimal results.
  • SOLE PULSE can help with a personalized treatment plan that will help you better manage your pain, but also accelerate your healing for an overall better quality of life.
Nursing Services

SOLE PULSE provides a wide range of quality foot care and other in-home nursing care to discerning clients in Greater Toronto, Dufferin County and surrounding areas who wish to enjoy a better quality of life.

Foot Care

SOLE PULSE Foot Care Nurse specializes in the area of your body that experiences the most neglect – your FEET, the 'sole' of your body! We provide quality, compassionate foot care so you can step out worry free, putting your best foot forward.

In-Spa Foot Care: Make an appointment and travel to us.

We offer luxurious healthy (nail polish free) foot care treatments that will pamper your feet. Choose from Basic, Deluxe, Athletic, Hot Stone and Paraffin Wax treatments.

In-Home Foot Care: Make an appointment and we travel to you.

We provide advanced foot care, incorporating the lastest foot care treatment protocols and modalities in the comfort of your own home, hospital bed, or nursing home. Foot care treatments include: cleaning and cutting nails, treating corns and calluses as well as Diabetic foot assessments and personalized treatment plans...

In-Home Nursing Care

We also provide in-home nursing care, such as wound care, dressing changes, compression fittings, medication administration, and more...

Education & Referrals

Learn how to care for your feet at home during appointments. We empower clients with the right information to make healthy choices and we also make referrals to specialists when necessary.